Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

Ahhhh....Conway Twitty....doesn't his voice just give you goose does it to me every time. Only him, Barry White and Elvis have that effect. The song is just a fav of mine. Didn't really want the cutsy Birthday song.

Oh is my's my mom who should get the well dad too...they did all the work...what did I do...nada that's what.

Let me share the story of my real birthday. My mom went into labor and they rushed to the local area hospital. After contacting the doc, my dad was told to bring my mom back to Calera to the docs office. Way back then, dads didn't help with the birth---but it was the wee hours of the morning. There was no nurse there to help. My dad had to help. I was a blue baby---nothing too serious but my dad said it scared him shitless.

Most men want sons but my dad always wanted a daughter. He even had the name all picked out. He tried to get all his brothers and sisters to name their baby girls my name. He never planned on getting married. That is until he saw my mom walking down the street with 2 little kids. He turned to the guy he was working with and told him "I'm gonna marry that woman". A few short months later he did just that.

He raised my older brother and sister as his own. To them he will always be daddy. It didn't take long after they married for me to come along. They just celebrated their 49th anniversary. Not bad huh. So my dad got the daughter he wanted---well most of the time anyway. We have our differences---boy do we have our differences. But no matter what problems we have and no matter how old we get. I will always be daddy's little girl.


Kimorexia said...

Happy birthday!

Interesting name your daddy picked for you - Bamagal!

vesta44 said...

Happy Birthday to a fellow Scorpio! :)